by Infinite Drive

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Part 1 of 5


released December 24, 2014

Garageband - Drums/Strings/Brass
Mafew Karl - Everything else



all rights reserved


Infinite Drive Naples, Florida

Infinite Drive will be a five-album conceptual project.

Part 1 of 5 is Phaser, an album consisting of lyrical pop hooks against a backdrop of swirling psychedelic sounds.

Most of the material for all five albums was written from 2010-2014.

Hope you enjoy.
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Track Name: A Catalyst Within Reactions
Pastel-coloured buildings brighter than flourescence.
I wander through the shade. Caffeine jolts the ambience.
The scent of whipped cream swirls with strawberry fields
And stagnant themes drain out of the scene.

Transatlantic motions: star dust to swollen clouds.
This sea’s evaporating; I would drown in my doubt.
Glazed in haze; I’m lacing spacing out with tribal drums.
Temporary comfort when the rhythm riding stuns.

The negatives exposed; an attempt to forget.
Just accept everything you left.

My brain dissolves steeped in the acid truths of all I want.

Yeah, this soft epiphany slid against my teeth
Bracing me for what could be.
Track Name: Hoodie Hoodlum
New cleanse; washed out of the river.
A paradigm shift into a shiver.
Wait for the freeze, the iced-eyes armour.
A glass coat that won’t unbutton.
Tracing the fjords down my arms.
How did I ever get so calm?
Wrap my heart in wool and endeavours.
These days it’s jacket weather.

One season, one endless spotlight.
Listless, unmoving in the sky.
Pollen pollution breeds movie dreams:
The broadcasts rival tsunamis.
Hypnotized; the flames grew brighter.
As pop songs were hurled into the pyre.
Wait for the snap, the dull intrusion.
This daze ablaze with frequencies was found

I save the world from being drenched in wine
From vessels torn.
A new marble; marvel for astronauts.
An empty balcony, soliloquy.
Vacant signs and a will to be.
I wouldn’t listen to a base caesar.
You juxtapose what should be felt with Latin prose.
You take the red out of a rose.

A circus of untamed lions.
Kept trying to leave but I kept dying.
Now finally the pins have been pulled and the
Crisp wind, it proves it’s unruled.
I strive to follow that example.
Spray paint outside of the stencils,
But just like a whitewashed canvas
This change could phase like teenage games and brides
They’re playing wide-awake.

Forever inked inside a sidekick's book.
A heavy wrist.
A magazine with a hipster twist.
A balcony that’s left to atrophy. Exhausted speech.
No one’s home, I’ll skip the tragedy.
I wouldn’t listen to an emperor.
You can’t impress your tinder terms into my chest.
They all just splinter in the end.

I wanna know how you got in my head.
Crept your way in.
I wanna know how to make this time count.
Us always now.
Track Name: Zone Rouge
Twenty-one. Will the static fade?
The disappearance of appearance that I’ve made mistakes.
Supplement my deficit.
I’ll try to profit from your profit, slowly break from bend.
A cache of episodes.
Personify the glow in my bones.
Refill to radiate.
Anticipate the essence of fake.
Bruised eyes and bedroom brawls;
Concentric spirals.

The scrambling for content.
My prints were seared by a regiment.
Arrest my honesty.
I take and take what belongs to me.
Now I’m happy just because the label says it does the job.
Just pay everything you are.

Forward-fast just like everyone.
A quick fix, that’s all it is. I’ve had a thousand of those.
Ate, popped, rollled, and sought combo-chemicals.
Yeah, the designed and designers.
Resolute movements.
Resolving resolutions.
Ten more months. I’ll dig my trench
And hold my ground like playing cassettes.
Yeah, I’ve always encoded Verdun.
Emphatic jargon.
Track Name: Heiroglytching
Digital spit waxing your cortex
Until no remorse could ever escape.
These avalanches have nuclear dreams
Where atom bombs create dead atmospheres.

A pitfall curtained with autumn leaves.
These trees are dying, let the willow weep.
So tear away at that blanket of rain
That only comforts the derailed deranged.
The introversion of scientists
Has set in stone its will to implode.

Ancient evil entombed in pyramids
The graveyard kings we are all still bowing down to.
Open your eyes, enlightenment
Illuminates your environment
So don't encourage the sun to set on
The day you're gifted to change the outcome
Of what seems like the inevitable
Entrancing illusions that strobe your might
The power to be
Selfless and remarkable flash rapidly;
Epileptic needs.
Bite that violent tongue
Taste the iron as endless as a fountain
Anchored in oceans.
Track Name: Jaundiced Journalism
Sitting on the front porch,
Whistling wistful tunes.
Shaping out of fortune a pensive flute.
You picked the best of wallflowers
And pinned it to your suit.
“Hello, my name is… Pleased to meet you.”

Their cover judgement: A silent rogue.
No hope where hope seems to be twofold.
Ordained your title on a stage, in the soil.

You hear them shout from the streets
“It’s unconventional.
This is all one big act. Now play your part.”
You battle echoes from within
As they bounce off walls.
But always thanked Hurst for putting you on paper.

Great forests fell for your yellow praise.
Exhaled the cycle like oxygen.
Even canaries resembled life down that mine
Where you died.

You feel as if you are growing young.
Your tenure veneer’s unraveling.
Your courage is bruised. It’s black and blue.
Track Name: Bio/Psycho
Lips split sipped at my spirit.
Now all I do is drink to fill up.
Bones soaked. DIluted marrow.
Under the row boats paddling above.
Pep splash. Inhale a pure past.
Brief breath; I can’t last.
I dive into bars.

I’m a brittle skeleton with a tendency to break
And the kill that’s innocent I intend to take.
This death needs no grave.

I switch like green, amber, red lips
Soften my senses. A moon to the tide.
Road soaked. Draped in a pearl cloak.
Glistening clone zones. An infinite drive.
Kind rush. Feable endeavours
At purging eventuals
I’ll dive into dives.

The anatomy of days was a conscience unconscious
Where alleyway surgeons sold me scalpels.
I sliced my own mind.
Track Name: I Really Appreciate Your Hugs
A shoebox holds selected memories.
Is it all I have made of who I am?
These records gravid with nostalgia
Could foster heartbreaks and danger.

Hasn’t there always been somebody?
Haven’t I always tried to care?
Hasn’t there always been somebody?
Haven’t I always tried my best?

A bouquet of flowers have wilted away.
They dried out; had no more love to drink.
A petal trail of shakedowns and innocence
Was shrouded in the distortion of my inabilities.

Hasn’t there always been somebody?
Haven’t I always tried to care?
Hasn’t there always been somebody?
Haven’t I always tried my best?
Track Name: Growing Stunts
The older kids are tapped out but counsel
Still overflows his cup.
They quench the rhyme with cyanide grime.
Dehydration reasoning won.
Beat the odds of even logic
Boxing gifts with popcorn quick.
Trading, hawking lemon proverbs.
Squeezing out aid-agents:
Creeping-crawling lime-ridden pips.
Licensed to sweat it out with all his hip drawn quips.

Zings fly, zapped instinct.
Gunslinging in the West, mistaken Indians.
The natives calculated by blankets
Canvassing and smashing slates to dust.

Two blocks down, across an ocean,
Dawn rhymes with a linen fawn.
Her braided hair is knotted with
Glitter and confetti, frosted silver blonde.
That wreath of queens trumps bitter greens
With medal decorated eyes
That fantasize that poster child
Hosted by a lo-fi
Anthem, chanted, schoolbus high.
Full-up on crayon dreams and acrobatic smiles.

The coat he wears may make a statement.
She wears hers to keep her warm.
The car he drives may say something about him.
She drives hers to take her home.
A place that only needs to be
Somewhere she can fall asleep,
Continue loving life through cycles
While all the while
Her eyelids screen projected joy.
Wades in a pool of black like the aurora.

Seems like X and Y
Kiss more in foreign words,
Equations in the sky.
The algorithm’s in experience
Multiplied by subtraction of fear.
Track Name: Skyglow
Turn out the lights. These city lights.
I can’t see the stars.
Headlights race; demonic waves
That sink all that’s halcyon.
Silhouettes of phone lines
Streak the face of an empty sky.
When beauty’s veiled I just survive
On every glint of moonshine.

The glass is smooth. The floor is rough.
And that fire in your gut won’t help you get back up.

I swept the fields for human stills
That laid in awe of compasses.
I found no point. No love or joy.
Just years of discoloured skin.
Now a habitat with no welcome mat is
The hollow home of a boy alone.
The spirit inn beckons guests
“Come rest your restlessness.”
A siren coax, a jagged cliff.

You’ve had too much, more than enough.
A body with a grudge won’t help you get back up.
When you can’t sleep you only need a
A friend or stratosphere rich with history’s light,
Clean light.

Candent since Genesis
With flares the heavens kiss.
Forget remembering.
I’ve had it with Nephilim.

The bottle’s glib, my want profuse
And a father I will lose divorces any hope.
It’s nights like these you only need
A brother or Atlantic
Free from magnet coasts.
Track Name: Apartment Waltz
The air is thick with moisture and greed.
The checks you cash are void of currency.
Well some get tired of sleeping too long in the morning.
When a bird sings for you it’s time to be leaving.

Our cars will ignite sparks
And the roads will seem too long.
When the mile markers are scratched from a faded green
Don’t take them as signs.
Read only what you can see.

The key you cut may bleed a little at first
But the sting won’t stay, it’s temporal like the verve
Of boys and girls. Their longings are stone-throws away.
You pitch with the curve of this constant world.

Did no one tell you, kid?
That everyone feels this.
Well the thrill of frights is the calm that bursts inside
When you agnize the facts:
Everything was always just fine.

This sentiment is universal.
This universe is sentimental.
We’re personal; bound to this measure of time.
So swing with the band.
It plays for you.
Track Name: China's Penny
Showers like summers in wet Florida.
A tourist in space and I’m floating out into another.
I purchase a wish where no light can refract.
A bottomless well where my mind is never intact.

“Just don’t drink that poison.”

I am waning like all czars
And I need a boost or astronaut
To guide me home.

I change like the seasons in dry Florida.
A veteran of grace while I’m floating deep under my covers.
A new war was waged like a bet on a hand.
Taking the bullets; my body’s never intact.

But when was it ever?

I am drifting into loss
And I need a suit or astronaut
To guide me home.
Track Name: California
I take all this for granted like I do with sunshine days
And the feeling, it remains like a temple scar.
The rush only digs holes in me and the gold I find is fake
It isn’t ever worth it’s weight. A brick of helium
That elevates above elation and substance.
A drag race up a hiking trail
Where parachutes are just burdens
Hooked into backs.
This melodrama feeds on plastic props.

I’ll patch a blanket change with dams.
Fragments of my youth will hatch
A newly reborn man.
Molting layers cake my earth.
Truffle trends and numb concern’s
A heavy sludge to wade. I’m sinking in.

I leave my bed in afternoons like I do with my own mind
An unkempt and shambled life. I tuck away at night.
With the kind of guise you only make if you have company
Hiding who I really am and how I've really been.

So don’t believe a single word I say.
Reveling in double negatives, struggling
To find positives in the whirlwinds.
My quantum physics sound like brass attacks.

Bolt the locks on habit doors.
Swallow every welding torch
That could burn through this cause.
Hope the bottled yesterday
Fizzles or this all just stays
A fantasy a phaser could destroy.

I’ll just try my best, slow and sure
That the drive is sufficient and steady.
And when I finalize what I’ve barely begun
The journey will seem a moment, gone.
But my lips will say otherwise
A leaking ship wrecking power lines,

Cause I am not a linen antelope
An astronaut in clothes
An angel in the snow.